Chapter 21. The False Prophets of the Apocalypse


If there was a devil alive today his name would be Hal Lindsey, the greatest deceiver amongst all of the Christian Revengelicals. Hal Lindsey’s best selling book The Late Great Planet Earth is all about the antichrist over there in the European Union even though the real seat of Jewish military power is the United States.  It is obvious to all except the stubborn Evangelists who is doing the destroying in the Middle East, it is the United States military whored to Israel and Rothschild money power.

Hal Lindsey’s has created an end times scenario that doesn’t criticize America or her role in the destruction, his timeline is piecemealed together from verses all over the Bible, his pro-Jewish logic prevents him from seeing the obvious.  Like most Christards, he can’t see that the end times nation aligned with Israel, “the hammer of the earth”, the world military super power laying waste to Iraq. Libya, Afghanistan, and Syria is Zionist Occupied America.

According to Lindsey, Babylon would be the hammer of the whole earth. What part of world wide US military super power that hammers the earth does he not understand? According to Lindsey, the United States would no longer be an actor during the end times tribulation period. What?  Apparently Lindsey has never heard of the Project for the New American Century that calls for full spectrum military dominance of planet earth for the next hundred years. The question who can make war with the beast identifies the beast.

I would say Hal Lindsey had more to do with the rise of the religious right and its support for Reagan and Bush than any other person. Hal Lindsey was instrumental in the creation of political support for the Evangelical right more so than any other useful idiot goyim preacher.  Hal Lindsey is the greatest asset of Jewish Zionist power that has completely taken over control of the United States because the vast majority are completely duped by televangelists like Hal Lindsey.

Not a day goes by that Hal Lindsey doesn’t sing praise for Israel, he even says Israel is our greatest ally, that same ally that attacked the USS Liberty, the same ally that pulled the 911 false flag that killed thousands. The Zionist Jews are literally destroying America through false flag terror and wars of aggression and that makes Hal Lindsey’s support for Israel treasonous.  It’s not a joke or an accident, the information is readily available, ignorance is no excuse, he is consciously supporting a criminal network of Jew terrorists.

Hal Lindsey is a regular on the Jewtube and that ought to tell you something.  The Jews completely control the broadcast media and they certainly are not going to allow any dissenting opinion.  He pretends to be a truth teller but he is actually the greatest deceiver, delivering hundreds of millions of Christian souls into belly of the Zionist beast. Is he an intelligence asset of Israel? Christian Zionist Hal Lindsey has never broached the subject of who actually did 911.

It is common knowledge that Israel was the instrumental player in dropping the trade towers, even the top brass in the US military admits that, but Hal Lindsey never talks about what really happened. He knows but does not say because he is a deceiver just like Satan, maybe Hal Lindsey is a minion Satan.  The problem with the televangelists is their perfect dishonesty when it comes to Jews and Israel.  They want Satan’s money and they know what not to say, no TV preacher is ever going to condemn the murderous policies of the Jewish racists ethnically cleansing the Middle East.

Apparently Hal Lindsey is so completely blind he can’t see that the only nation that could possibly sign a security agreement with Israel would be the United States. According to him, it is the antichrist that would sign this covenant, but he can’t see that would make the President the antichrist. Hal Lindsey is a mouthpiece of the antichrist, a great deceiver, a false witness based on his own standards.

Hal Lindsey is a fire breathing, war mongering, Muslim hater without equal. The Zionists thank him, there is no greater useful idiot for the Jews and their diabolical state than Hal Lindsey. What Hal Lindsey will never comprehend that he is a tool that will be disposed of when the Jews turn on America, Babylon the Great.  Hal Lindsey is spellbound by his faith, he can not see the Jewish enemy taking us down, he is completely brainwashed and a serious threat to the security of the American people.

Hal Lindsey is a Christian gone over to the evil side, the leader of apostate Christianity, the thought leader who is re-creating the Apocalypse be he was so successful in promoting the Evangelical timeline of end times destruction. What Hal Lindsey will never understand that he was the primary mind who created a modern apocalypse in the Middle East that has killed millions.  Hal Lindsey is part and parcel part of the massive bloodletting, by not telling the truth his soul is karmically entwined in the death and destruction.  If there is an afterlife hell, then Hal Lindsey has a front row seat.

Hal Lindsey knows by heart the parable of the mustard seed but can’t see that his “perfect faith” is a powerful creative force that got millions of like minds to resonate the same thoughts and thus create a huge morphogenic field of apocalyptic resonance. Hal Lindsey would deny what I am saying but at the same time lead Christians in group prayer. He believes in prayer yet can not see that if you have to pray to manifest then that means you are doing it, he can not see that his writings are no different than prayer.

In a Veterans Today essay I lay it online about this apostate retard:

“Hal Lindsey is helping god kill everything, the fruits of his labor is widespread terror and death, Hal is terrorizing the world with his faith and making a bloody mess, the will of USIsrael is the will of Hal Lindsey, the state is acting out the end times program. The Bible literalist makes the supreme logical error (caused by internal dishonesty from the belief system) of using circular reasoning as proof of the Bible’s accuracy. The believer claims the Bible is true because the Bible says its true.

Truth rests on its own laurels, if god was true he doesn’t need help or your money. The proof is in the pudding, the so called believers, or god’s little helpers, are the ones passing out pamphlets usurping the divine. If you actually believed in an all powerful and all knowing deity who created every single thing in this Universe then what gives you the right to proselytize on its behalf or say that you represent it? If god was real, omnipresent and omnipotent then why would god need help from mortals? God needs help because god is a meme.

What makes Hal Lindsey so dangerous is what he believes and his ability to memetically infect others.(5) Hal Lindsey is possessed by the Bible, he believes the Bible literal, he believes that the Bible is the inerrant word of god. Jesus is coming back any day and we must prepare our souls for a great harvest, make the world ready for the return of god (never mind the contradiction that god is already omnipresent). This apocalyptic fervor is a common theme in Western history, for thousands of years it has been believed that Jesus would return in the lifetime of the believer. It is also a major indicator that Western culture is so traumatic that its captives want out. We need to change.

Hal Lindsey is helping Jesus return, and oh boy, what a world Jesus might return to, a Jewish supremacist run hell, and Hal Lindsey hasn’t met a Jew he doesn’t adore. Do you see the great irony of this tragedy? Hal Lindsey is channeling hell while reaching for heaven. We are in the Tribulation and will continue to experience apocalyptic conditions, which has been going on for decades, until this end times lunacy is transcended. The end times zealot will never see their actions as causal and they always project the Tribulation into the near future, the more fervent the believer the closer the projection.”

What does Wikipedia say about his best seller?

The Late, Great Planet Earth is a treatment of literalist, premillennial, dispensational eschatology. As such, it compared end-time prophecies in the Bible with then-current events in an attempt to broadly predict future scenarios leading to the rapture of believers before the tribulation and Second Coming of Christ to establish his thousand-year (i.e. millennial) Kingdom on Earth. Focusing on key passages in the books of Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation, Lindsey originally suggested the possibility that these climactic events might play out in the 1980s, which he interpreted as one generation from the foundation of modern Israel in 1948, a pivotal event in some conservative evangelical schools of eschatological thought.

As Joseph Atwill points out the New Testament writer Josephus used typology to repeat the workings of Old Testament stories into New Testament myth.  Old myth was respun into new myth.  One of Hal Lindsey’s great mistakes was to assume that God wrote the Bible.  Deceptive priests wrote the Bible, they took old stories that worked and reused them, they were careful not to make it to obvious.

According to Hal Lindsey, the parallels between Old Testament prophecies and Revelation was the work of the omniscient creator god.  But is wasn’t god at all, it was Josephus under commission of Vespasian.  Josephus had to produce the Gospels in double time under the emperor, and to make his deadlines he borrowed the names and stories from the older text to pen the new text.

Christians have proven their ability to keep the Christ myth alive by denying all rational evidence that the Bible can not be taken literal.   If humans evolved over millions of years then the Adam and Eve story in Genesis can’t possibly be true, it is a pre-scientific cultural myth.  Likewise, geologists have determined the source of the flood myth, the 10,000 year melting of the last great ice age 18,000 years before present lead to a sea level rise of 120 meters.

Since the end never comes the god lobby has been getting very impatient, in recent years Evangelicals lacking faith have been actively lobbying for politicians who start wars. Their logic is if they make things bad enough then Jesus has to come back.  Believe it or not, the Revengelicals are actual trying to force the Jesus god to return and during these wars, they deny their role as trouble makers!

We are in it now, wars without end. Why? Because our culture’s holy book says “for those things must take place“. This is a form of predictive programming, the Bible is teaching that war is inevitable because god saw the future and it is war, lots of wars:

Matthew 24-6  (New American Standard Bible (©1995)

“You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end.”

If I get you to believe that to be true then you will vote to make it true. Voting for warmongers makes the Bible come true, so we vote for warmongers who make war and then we affirm the validity of the Bible. We just proved that our myths are valid and we are not collectively crazy. That is how the game is played. What is going on is a self fulfilling feedback loop, and the worse it gets the more convinced the players are that it is real and they use this self generated negativity in convincing others that prophecy is coming true.

How did Hal Lindsey do it? His strong will and unwavering faith. Faith can move mountains and in this case Hal Lindsey’s near perfect faith moved America from a free country into a Zionist police state. Hal Lindsey was primarily responsible for allowing the Zionist terror machine to set up camp in America, we are careening toward a new dark age unless the Zionist movement is stopped. The survival of the human specie is now threatened by the works of Hal Lindsey and the huge Bible prophecy movement cashing in on his success with his best seller “The Late Great Planet Earth”.


Chapter 22. Satan’s Billy Goat


Billy Graham is considered to be a holy man, a man of God, is probably the best known Evangelist in the world today. He was an adviser to ten presidents, he has written 27 books, and is considered to be “world’s most influential Christian leader”. He was “the closest thing to a White House chaplain” and slept at the White House the night George HW Bush bombed Iraq. That ought to tell you something. He uplifted many but there is something very off with him, how can this “holy man” be involved with every President since WW2 who have waged dozen of wars? Maybe he didn’t get it right, maybe he was completely duped by the Zionists and became one of their tools. Billy Graham trusted God and will go down in history as a man who consoled Presidents during the mass murder of millions of innocent human beings.

The Reverend Billy Graham is a man possessed by God which actually means he is a man possessed by the memes of the Holy Bible. The Bible is a tribal war making document, God of Bible is commanding the Israelites to wage total war on their enemies, which is everyone not Jewish. Billy Graham’s Bible, The New King James version Psalm 137 (7-9) says:

7 Remember, O Lord, against the sons of Edom
The day of Jerusalem,
Who said, “Raze it, raze it,
To its very foundation!”

8 O daughter of Babylon, who are to be destroyed,
Happy the one who repays you as you have served us!
9 Happy the one who takes and dashes
Your little ones against the rock!

There is a reason why Billy Graham supports mass murder and genocide against the Palestinians, he is a man of the Bible and the Bible is genocidal. Billy Graham is not good and not holy and maybe he is a monster. Shocked? Aghast? Have no fear, read on. Billy Graham is a textbook example of memetic possession and where it leads.

Billy Graham is a backwoods hillbilly preacher who believes the Bible literally and thus is unable to reason properly, he is a perfect illustration of what is wrong with America. He represents the deep seated racist supremacism of Christian America and how it is used to wage war on brown skinned peoples all around the world.

How did Billy Graham get converted and become one of the most celebrated preachers of all time? How did the Reverend Graham become so convinced of the Bible as true words of God and become a major vector of Bible memes and spend his life infecting others? Why did all of the Presidents since World War 2 seek his comfort, have him sleep over at the White House dozens of times? What the hell is going on? Hell, hell is what is going on. Hell is the result when we believe in tribal myth and no longer think. I am going to show you in no uncertain terms that Billy Graham is the administer of hell. Read on.

Well the story goes something like this, he washes out of school and is looking for a purpose, he meets up with a traveling flimflam Evangelist Mordecai Ham and Billy is struck down by the faith and fervor of this man. Billy Graham was converted by a traveling salesman at a revival in North Carolina.  Conspiracy theorists note, no Rothschilds involved, this is a classic case of memetic propagation.

During his college years, when Billy decides to go all in, his best friend asks “What if it’s wrong (the Bible) Billy, feeble stories written by men like you and me?” Billy Graham’s answer is classic – “How can it be wrong, it’s the word of God”. This is where Billy Graham proves he is possessed by the memes and no longer is a critical thinker. When Billy Graham graduates from being a gentile and becomes fully ‘Judaised’, his neurons are now patterned to the memes of the Bible, his mind ordered to the Bible way of thinking, which is the Jewish supremacist way of thinking.

The decision point, where Billy commits his entire being, mentally and emotionally is when he decides that the Bible is written by God and thus is to be taken literal, or word for word, true. Billy Graham believes that “god” wrote the Bible, every word is exactly correct. There is a problem with that conclusion, the Bible can not be taken literal. Myth can not be taken literal because it is myth and in the case of the Holy Bible it is heavily plagiarized myth, a concoction of previous myths. A Bible literalist is committing a severe error of judgment by emotionally and intellectually committing to the words of a book. What if the book is wrong or contains errors?

Well as every scholar knows the Bible has tons of errors, some whoppers. For instance say you believe in the virgin birth of “god”. This is a very common mythological construct. How did that god come about? Oh, that god was born of a virgin. But that can be a deadly thing to believe because it can be used to denigrate sex or women. Millions of people think sex is dirty because of that meme, it causes all kinds of sexual problems and a huge need for the porn business for all those unable to pursue normal sexual relations because of guilt. By believing in the virgin birth sex is made to be bad, dirty, a thing that animals do.

What does a rational scientific person think about the Holy Spirit making Mary pregnant with god? Didn’t happen because everyone comes into this world the same way, by sex. But not Billy Graham and his troupe of Bible believers, they really believe that story, literal. Do I care? Not until this man becomes the adviser to Presidents and public policy is being set based on the mythological beliefs.

Billy Graham went all the way with his faith. This complete acceptance of belief over reason is a state of possession, when you throw the towel in an believe with all of your heart, a state of unwavering faithfulness. It is a state of consciousness where all doubt is completely erased, this is when you know that person is possessed by the memes. Not “god”, not the “devil”, but the words and phrases of the holy book. Got that? Billy Graham isn’t possessed by god or the devil, he is possessed by a set of memes in a book.

Now this state of possession is considered to be the goal of the Evangelical types. They consider it to be a good thing, they can even recognize it and look up to those who have unwavering faith. When they find it in one of their members, they make that person the preacher.  A preacher’s charisma might be a measurement in how well they believe. If you really, really believe, with your soul beaming through your physical being then everyone will gather ’round and listen to your every word. When someone has this “gift’, it is recognized, promoted, and sought after.  Why it’s just like the ‘ole times found in the Bible, when real prophets roamed the hills of Judea. Billy Graham was one of these men, Billy Graham is considered to be a modern prophet because of his perfect faith.

By reading and studying the Bible, Billy Grahams mind is being ordered to Jewish supremacist thinking, he is being voluntarily brain washed by his own choice, conditioned to think prejudically, he reads that Bible and comes to the conclusion that everyone who doesn’t believe in Jesus is going to hell. Not every Christian concludes that but he does because his mind is tipped toward judgment. Remember that.

Thousands of hours of study is an investment, how can anyone who has invested a large part of their life remain skeptical and continue down the road to Evangelism if they don’t go all in? They have so much invested, not to fully believe is a tacit admission that their holy book isn’t true. Ahhh. This is where the dishonesty starts, when you know the Bible isn’t literally true (because you are studying it at the collegiate level) but you decide to believe all the way, anyway. This can make one crazy, because many of the Bible memes are contradictory.

For instance say you believe in Jehovah, the judgmental Jewish deity of the Old Testament, but you also believe God is love. The two can never meet because judgment is exactly the opposite of love. Love can not judge, this is metaphysically impossible. So these two ideas battle out in one’s mind, if you have Old Testament leanings like most Evangelists then judgmental god will rule; Jesus is pushed to the side, he’s a wimp anyways always turning the other cheek, maybe he’s a fag.

Thus when push comes to shove and the bombing starts the Evangelist will side with the power structure. They think this way – we are right because we believe in the right god, god is on our side so whatever we do must be right and if we are bombing them then they must deserve it because we never do wrong. Some might even say, “why are you making me bomb you!” The victim of the aggression is always the guilty party when using Jewish supremacist logic.

As you can infer, the Palestinians are really f-cked. Billy Graham has zero sympathy for them, they are not just opposing the USA, they are going against Israel which is like going against God Almighty. To make sure it works out that way, these Christians believers, send tons of money and weapons to the Jewish state, they really don’t wish to find out that their beliefs are wrong.

You must understand they really enjoy Israel bombing defenseless civilians, every time some Palestinian ghetto kids get blasted to kingdom come by USA made F-16’s the hosannas and praises to the Lord God Almighty are sung in the hearts of these heartless bastards. Evangelists worship hell, they worship the military use of state power, not life or love.

Evangelicals shed no tears for dead or wounded Palestinians. Their hearts are closed because of what they believe. Maybe some day psychologists and scientists can determine how this works, how memes affect our emotions. Non-believers, like me, are horrified. I am angered by these evil people who do this, how about you?

The greatest irony of this entire tragedy is that the Jews killing Palestinians are actually Polish born Khazars killing the “real Jews” who are the Palestinians. Texe Marrs explains (and he is about to release a new book on this subject):

Those living today who profess to be “Jews” are not of the ancient Israelites, and they are not the seed of Abraham. In fact, the new DNA research shows that the Palestinians actually have more Israelite blood than do the “Jews!”

The “Jews” of America, Europe, and Israel are descendants not of Father Abraham but of King Bulan and the people of ancient Khazaria.

Later, the “Jews” (Khazars) emigrated, settling in Russia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, and elsewhere in Europe. As “Jews,” the Khazars then left the European nations in 1948 and settled the fledgling, new nation of Israel.

Texe Marrs also points out that all of the Prime Ministers of Israel are Polish born, with the exception of Netanyahu, who had Polish parents. Polish Khazars run the modern state of Israel, they believe they are Jews and wage Biblical like war on their enemies, everyone and everything not Jewish.  What right does Israel have to exist?  Genome research has destroyed the genetic argument, archeology has destroyed the historicity argument (see Shlomo Sand’s “The Invention of the Jewish People“), and comparative mythology has destroyed the mythological arguments.  So what right does Israel have to exist?  None.  None whatsoever.

But Billy Graham believes Israel is doing exactly what God wants. Israel is God’s country.  So you can see why pro-Zionist Presidents love Billy Graham, they are getting moral cover for their despicable deeds.  What President wouldn’t want the most faithful man by his side when committing the most foul acts, like doing false flags then bombing and destroying whole nations, cultures, leveling cities, burning people alive with white phosphorous?

Lyndon Johnson sought Billy as his constant companion, when you are the devil like LBJ (the prime beneficiary and suspect in the murder of JFK) then do you not seek to have the high priest of comfort by your side? You know you are doing wrong, but you have the power, so you do it anyways and you want approval by god’s ambassador. And dear reader, Billy Graham gave these devils full emotional comfort and blessings.

“Hal Lindsey single-handedly killed America because he delivered tens of millions of Christians into the pro-Israel, pro-Zionist, pro-Neocon fold. Satan, himself, could not have done a better job.(2) Hal Lindsey is one of the world’s greatest charismatic Evangelical crusaders, his success led to ruination of America, he converted and delivered millions of believers and molded them into a right wing Christian Zionist grass roots political movement. No man did a better job recruiting loyalists for Zionist Israel and prepping conservative Christians for the upcoming Neocon future.”

The unthinking masses love Billy Graham. Presidents love their billy goat. God-Bible-Presidents-War-Hell. They all go together. I am no believer and no preacher but I have read the New Testament, I do know what it says, the main theme of Jesus is very clear –  love one another, turn the other cheek, and forgive thy neighbor.  Billy Graham is apostate, he is not following the words of his savior but working on behalf of the Zionist state.  Like Hal Lindsey he is a Judas goat, leading the flock into Armageddon.

Nowhere in the New Testament does Jesus tell you to get the best weapons, plot to kill the other peoples, support Israel, kill, bomb, make hell, mayhem, and genocide. Is Billy Graham following the words of Jesus? Nope. Is Billy Graham a disciple of Jesus if he morally underwrites the Presidents that make war? Not a chance. So why are so many so duped? Why has Evangelical Christian America become the cheerleaders of hell?  Christians love to ask WWJD? What would Jesus tell the president bombing the hell out of the Vietnamese? Exactly the opposite of what Billy Graham advises. Billy Graham is a minister of hell.

Billy Graham, the alpha male Christian preacher is channeling hell with his beliefs. He believes he’s right, he’s a crypto Jewish supremacist and has helped caused the deaths of millions. Houston, Christianity has a problem. Christians can’t be Christians so long as they keep the Old Testament attached to their religion. So long a the racist genocidal memes of the Old Testament are still being installed into Christian minds then Christianity can be turned to the dark side.  Billy Graham had better hope there’s no hell because if there is he’s earned a chair next to Satan.

Chapter 23. Apocalyptic Death Cult Memes


America has a problem so huge that it probably won’t survive, Jews have led the American culture to the brink of total ruin without a single whimper the host.  How did the Jewish minority take control of the huge Christian culture?  Christianity is a derivative memeplex of Judaism and Christians don’t see the Jews as a threat.  The themes of the Old Testament, the Jewish Torah text, forms the logic for the New Testament salvation doctrine; without the angry judgmental sky god there would be no need of salvation.  Widespread belief of salvation by the Jewish Christ is cultural insanity.

Christianity is a religious memeplex, it is a set of related memes, a meme being like a gene, but only an idea, not coded DNA but coded information.  A meme is a cultural unit of understanding being passed from generation to generation with properties of a biological virus.  Memes can be true or not, positive or negative, create good or bad in society.  Memes can be false, like the flat earth or the sun going around the earth; or they don’t have to be good memes, like how to cook meth or how to burn witches.

Memes take up brain space, so they compete.  Meme complexes have coded resistance, like believe this faith and not the other religious memes.  Christians are taught to resist other religions or even other denominations, the memes of resistance to outside information is cooked into the text.  Even if all religions are false, the infected carrier will defend his religion to death.  Mormons reject Catholic memes, even though both religions are formed from the same original text.

The mistake of Martin Luther, the father of Protestantism was his attempt to reform memes that must be rejected.  You can not respin Satanic text and expect it not to be Satanic.  The Bible is evil literature, the idea of an angry god out to get you is a very evil idea that the priest used to capture your soul in his cult of obedience.  The New Testament is no exception, it is also evil because it is based on the older evil text, no one needs to be saved because the original assumption of an angry sky god is not true.

Whether Christian memes are true or not is a matter of debate, rational people know that religion is not true based on how it was constructed – out of superstition.  How could a construct based on an angry sky god tossing thunder bolts be true?  At one time fearful humans used to sacrifice animals and offspring to imagined gods.  No one burns cows to Yahweh anymore because we no longer believe in the sky god who flies through the air and finds the smell of burning animal flesh pleasing.

A religious memetic complex is a set of ideas held together by some sort of logic. The logic of Christianity rests on a bedrock assumption of an angry father god. Without this angry god construct, nothing in the Bible makes any sense.  The Bible was obviously written by men in pain and anger, trying to make sense of the world from that perspective, whole chapters like Lamentations prove that much of the Bible was written in pain.

They were so angry at their situation that killing the other tribe’s children was viewed as a delightful event:

Psalm 137:9 (New International Version)

“Happy is the one who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.”

You have to be really angry to take the Bible literally.  No one takes Psalms 137-9 seriously, you wouldn’t bash a babies head against the stones and take delight, unless you are psychotic like a Zionist IDF soldier occupying Palestine.  Smashing babies heads is not a good meme, unless you are a Jewish tribe member smashing Goyim children heads and drinking their blood in bizarre rituals.

Without anger and the associated judgment, Adam and Eve would not have been cast out of the Garden of Eden, nor would God have flooded the world and killed nearly everything, nor would God be sending every single person automatically to hell for the crime of being born.  The Bible only makes sense if God is really angry with us.  But is it an external deity that’s angry with us, or are we angry?

What if god is our projection?  What if there’s no anthropomorphized god like we imagined?  Judging is a human characteristic so to believe that a creator judges doesn’t seem logical, how can the thing that created you judge you, it would only be judging itself?   The judging father god meme is one on the most destructive ideas ever let loose in the mind of men, if you agree to be saved by the son to escape the father’s wrath you might then judge those not saved.

You have to see the Bible for what it is, vile hatred toward men. The Bible is not just wrong, it is way wring, it is so wrong it may even be pure evil masquerading as light.  Teaching this hate literature should be prohibited.  Teaching the Holy Bible should be considered a hate pre-crime that will lead to increased Jewish terrorism.  Teaching the Holy Bible in America has created a huge crisis, Americans are aligned with Israelis who are destroying our nation by staging false flags like 911 and then launching a War of Terror on the whole world.

The widespread teachings of the Holy Bible leads to public acceptance of Jewish led wars in the Middle East or Vietnam for instance.  Teaching Jewish text is teaching terrorism, but our insane culture believes Jewish hate literature to be holy!  The problem with Jewish text and alignment must be realized or America will perish.  Soon Americans will be writing their own book of lamentations as their nation withers away from debt, lack of productivity, and then the coup de grâce – the engineered nuclear war with Russia.

Teaching this filth as the ultimate truth is the most evil thing you can do and still be in a physical body.  The Bible can make a man psychotic, the loony wards are full of believers.  The Bible is so full of contradictions and nonsensical ideas that the human that believes all the memes literal will have trouble knowing reality.  Many Christians can not comprehend 911, having been indoctrinated into blindly accepting authority they can not compute the concept that the authority ‘ordained by god’ is pure evil.

Christianity is easily proved false by many different means, but facts, logic, and reason mean nothing to believers.  Forget all the arguments and proofs thus far advanced to disprove Christianity and consider that the basic premise is wrong.  The text starts off with the assumption that God exists and he’s angry with his new creation man for sinning.  You can not respin the Bible into better text, it is evil from the get-go, the central idea of a creator god destroying his own creation is not just illogical but psychotic.

With Christianity, the glue holding the entire myth together is the angry Yahweh meme. Without the angry sky god, what meaning would the Bible have? The Holy Bible is based on an unwritten premise, that this judgmental Jewish deity exists. He does not exist, but unfortunately for billions of Christians, they believe he exists in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.  Whoa to all those who don’t believe because Christians have a long history of demonizing the non-believer.

Humans are insane bipedal hominids with nuclear weapons.  Couple that with Christian cowardice toward the Jew wolves, Christians were easily led into rapacious wars of Jewish conquest, leaving the West in the current predicament of having produced lifetime enemies for bombing many nations into total ruin, a War of Terror on everything that breathes, and unsustainable debts of Biblical proportions.

The War of Terror was not carefully thought through, you can not stop blowback no matter how much repression the state applies in a desperate act of self-protection. No one can stop a determined terrorist who becomes convinced to retaliate against America because the asset is unprotected and fixed and the heat needed to destroy the buildings is readily available in the unlimited quantities in the gas tanks of petrol burning vehicles lined up neatly outside.

The entire West is wide open to destruction, because we live in a first world capital-intensive culture, billions of dollars has been invested in large high dollar projects like rail, factories, dams, pipelines – and all of it is completely unprotected. The state has made vain attempts at increasing security at these facilities, but the capitalist resists wasting resources on rent-a-cops. There’s no money in paying dead weight for those who survive by production.

The parasitic state can’t understand the mentality of the producing class, which is exactly the opposite of the government parasitic class. On one hand, businesses must produce economically and market their products and ideas, while on the other hand the state passes down edicts and expects everyone to blindly comply as if humans were stupid robots.  The Jewish controlled state is diabolically destructive and the War of Terror is an insane strategy of an insane Jewish possessed culture.

It is important to understand the real problem with America comes down to religious beliefs of the people. What do the people fundamentally believe?  A Jewish myth.  A very, very bad Jew myth based on the unwritten assumption of an angry father god. People have angry fathers, so maybe they believe in the angry father god as similar transference. Why do people readily believe a holy book with such negative spin?  Vibration.  The real answer is that the Bible vibration matches the person’s vibration.

Why don’t they believe in a happy god that gives them everything? Think about it, we invent the god in our mind, and we must have been really depressed to have latched onto Yahweh. Yahweh is a really depressing god, no matter what you do HE ain’t ever goin’ to be happy. YAHWEH is just like the JEWISH MALE SUPREMACIST, he is never satisfied no matter how much blood is spilled or how much money is made, the Yahweh meme is a whip that won’t stop whipping humanity.

There can be only one reason why Yahweh is our god. Yahweh resonates with White Europeans.  Our people adopted the Jew holy book as their own because of their own spiritual immaturity. Once you raise your vibe and realize by your own internal feelings that hell is not possible, the Holy Bible falls away as a children’s fairy tale.  The Yahweh whip only works when you are in a fear state of consciousness, Yahweh is a god for people in low vibration.

The low vibrations of the Holy Bible resonates with the low vibrations of angry people, who find solace in the myth. Redemption is not for the next life, since no judging god or hell exists, but for this life. Finding the will to get up and go to work while being a slave in Amerika is how the Holy Bible is used as salvation. The Bible is literally a slave manual.  America is a Hebrew converted hell state, a place where everyone is exploited and forced to work for the Jewish slave masters.

But nobody is forced to believe anymore, the Church doesn’t have power to force belief, all church going in America is voluntary.  Americans are self-brainwashed by the myth of Jewish savior god redemption, they believe with all of their heart that Jesus the Jew is going to save them from this hell. They have yet to make the connection, that this hell is created by their Jewish belief system, that the Jew rules because of their belief in Jesus. Belief in hell creates hell, not in some unproven afterlife, but right here, right now.

So what lays in the heart of said Christian that he so readily latches onto and won’t let go of the Jewish myth of Yahweh morphing into Jesus and killing himself on the cross so that the Christian is saved?  What evil lies deep within the heart of modern man who so many want to believe a myth that is so wrong? What exactly is wrong with the internal heart flows of the modern Christian?  Fear and loathing, negative self worth, low self esteem, ego consciousness and low vibration.  So should we blame the Jews or look into our own mirror and examine ourselves?  After all, no one is force to believe the bullshit in the Jew Bible.

“When you say you love God what does it mean?  It means you love a projection of your own imagination, a projection of yourself clothed in certain forms of respectability according to what you think is noble and holy; so to say, ‘I love God’, is absolute nonsense.  When you are worshipping God you are worshipping yourself – and that is not love.”

–    Krishnamurti (Freedom from the Known)

God worship in America is self ego worship.   Proselytizing on behalf of this “god”, like the Jehovah Witnesses do, is the vain attempt to prove one’s own ego to others as god, and this is why the believer is so offended when you don’t agree with his god, you are rejecting their ego and they are offended just as if you rejected them, because in fact you did reject them, who wants to worship another’s ego as their god?

As the Church became a monument to human ego, and it became corrupt.  Popes took wives, murdered many, raped and taxed even more.  Attempts to reform Church corruption have only resulted in a plethora of Protestant churches now infiltrated by Zion.  How can you reform the Holy Bible with new interpretations when the basic premises remain the same, wrong?  The Bible is fatally flawed, there’s no judging god, the premise of getting saved is nonsense.

The Scofield Bible lead to many Protestants being subverted to Zionism and now the Evangelicals are owned by Jewry.  The flaws in the Holy Bible are fatal, the Bible is program code of our destruction.  The time bomb is ticking, the only way to defuse the Apocalypse is to completely reject the Jewish text out of hand.  But that isn’t going to happen, the religious liars will protect the holy text no matter what.

The Christian, like his Jew friend, is a damn liar and will never accept the truth that their faith is actually memetic superstition. The Christian is Jewified, meaning the Christian is playing the same damn game of the Jew, creating a false construct and defending it to death with endless lies.  Outside of Jews, Christians are the biggest liars on the planet, because the reject all evidence as they protect the mythological fabrications of the Bible as truth itself.  Society is totally damned because of this relentless zealotry for religious text.

Arguing with Christians is a complete waste of time, his myth can never be intellectually defended, the Christian has no choice by to try to corner you in accepting the Bible definitions of reality.  The Christian will try to get you to concede in the concept of sin and separation.  No matter what you say the Christian is only interested in winning because his god is really his ego.  The Christian exists in an alternate reality, a Jewish constructed simulacrum, a reality where the ego is the center of the Universe.

The Christian is just like the Jew this way, the Christian must be right – just like the Jew is always right. Just as the Jew, the Christian never concedes, the Christian can never give up any of the basic articles of faith or the entire construct of reality would implode.   That is nature of supremacism, the Christian is just as much a supremacist as the Jew.  Every deception is used to prop up the indefensible memes of faith.

What factual evidence does the theist have of his constructs?  None.  No main tenet of Christian faith can be proven.  You can query them for some proof or evidence but they have none. They are mules, stubborn and unbending, ridiculous believers in an ancient superstition, and they are willing to kill to force others into their faith. So basically the warfare of Christian Amerika is based on nothing but unproved memes, just as 911 is based on the unproved assertion that Muslims blew up the trade towers.

So if you corner a Christian or Jew they will they will always instinctually use their last cop-out – faith. They must believe to maintain their sanity and thus are easy dupes of government psyops.  The Christian believes in sin, judgment, punishment, hell, redemption on faith alone.  No facts or evidence supports their claims. They will torture, kill, financially rape you for not believing.  I can not think of a more vile group of dishonest people, America has killed or 30 million people after the end of WW2 and they keep voting for the corrupt Jewish power structure.

If you think I am being unfair, then go tell any Christian that you would like to prove to them that Israel did 911.  They can not hear it, they will dismiss you, they will become fearful or think you are a kook.  The Christian believes in the sanctity of the Jew and can not even entertain the idea that Jews did 911.  Christians give Jews a free pass even as they destroy their nation.  Christianity is a form of insanity, the nation will fall without any protest from the dominant group and that is insane.

Why are people so duped by the Jews?  Low vibration.  The vibration of fear and loathing in modern industrial society. Most people can’t overcome this internal fear and thus cave in to the system, they get educated and get a job and pay taxes then they go to war for the Jew. Wars that never end because Jew blood lust is never-ending. World Wars 1 and 2 and maybe WW3 soon with lots of smaller wars thrown in to keep the blood flowing.

Everything wrong with America starts in the pew, where the unaware human is taught bad myth as a fact of life. I remember what I was taught in a parochial classroom, that God wouldn’t burn me in hell forever so long as I believed in Jesus the savior. That is powerful motivation for most, but for me I was disgusted, such ideas did not seem morally right but repulsive.  What kind of god burns you in hell for all eternity for lack of faith when this god is unprovable?

What kind of monster civilization tolerates the hell god of the Bible?  Christianity is not just evil, it is disgusting, self loathing on the lowest vibrational rung.  The idea that you are guilty for being born, guilty for being human is really just a memetic shitstain on the mind.  Christianity must be rejected because its basis is wrong.  Salvation doctrine is the worst form of self-deprecation

What kind of god threatens you like this? Why would you even want to worship a god like Yahweh? You have to be a pathetic whore to do so. That is why I call it whoreship, because you must have the heart of a whore to follow the Jew god. Worshipping evil out of fear is the darkest of sins of the Jewified Christian believer. Claiming this black art a holy act is the source of insanity in Western culture.

The problem boils down to this, judgment and love are opposite concepts, but Christians have equated the two. Jewified Gentiles, the so-called Christians, have committed the most egregious of all sins, the mortal sin of mortal sins, they have agreed with the Jewish deception, they have equated love with judgment.

Raise your vibration and what do you experience? Love. And what doesn’t love do? Judge. The two are completely opposite, they can not coexist. What can you conclude based on this experiential observation? Thus another basic premise of the Bible is untrue, the judging god portrayed in the Old Testament can not be love, Jehovah is a monster, a jealous judging hellfire deity.  The New Testament is no improvement on this fiction, Jesus is a fictional character in a fictional narrative about a fictional god who has fictional traits and resides in a fictional realm.

It is unfathomable that humans could lie on such a scale, but everyday there are those who teach the Holy Bible boldly and enthusiastically, indoctrinating children into this heirarchal system having their own position in it.  I suspect they also do it out of vengeance and spite. Teaching the Holy Bible is real cynicism, the outward manifestation of caving internally, if one buys the bull it is important to get everyone else to do so.

The pagan Europeans fell for Christianity.  The loved the new spell, the vibration matched theirs.  Josephus, the hired Jewish intellectual who rewrote the pagan myths with Jewish characters, caught most Gentiles but not many Jews. The entire western world is still possessed by this self damning myth, and now we are at a major evolutionary crisis point, we either evolve out of the bad Jewish myth or perish.

None of it was ever true. None of it! Bad Jewish myth gets people to do bad things, like wage endless war on everything.  The American Christian sheep go to war so readily for the Jew, unable to process what is happening to them, even with the knowledge that Israel did 911, American Christians still go to work, pay their taxes, and support the political machinery corrupted by Zion.

Chapter 24. The Beast of Revelation


The beast of Revelation is the state.  The state is a creation of religious myth.  The most evil insane destructive cult in history is the state and the state was created by another evil insane death cult called religion.  The allegory of the end time beast is the western nation states all connected and entangled by Jewish financial power, the harlot is the original religion whored by this money power.  Both the Church and state have been spawned by the god meme or external authority meme.

The Most Evil, Insane, Destructive Cult in History and How You Are Part of It!

“Government” is neither a scientific concept nor a rational sociological construct; nor is it a logical,  practical method of human organization and cooperation. The belief in “government” is not based on reason; it is based on faith, In truth, the belief in “government” is a religion, made up of a set of dogmatic teachings, irrational doctrines which fly in the face of both evidence and logic, and which are methodically memorized and repeated by the faithful.

Like other religions, the gospel of “government” describes a superhuman, supernatural entity, above mere mortals, which issues commandments to the peasantry, for whom unquestioning obedience is a moral imperative, disobeying to the commandments (“breaking the law”) is viewed as a sin, and the faithful delight in the punishment of the infidels and sinners (“qw21criminals”), while at the same time taking great pride in their own loyalty and humble subservience to their god (as “law-abiding taxpayers”).

 And while the mortals may humbly beg their lord for favors, and for permission to do certain things, it is considered blasphemous and outrageous for one of the lowly peasants to imagine himself to be fit to decide which of the “government” god’s “laws” he should follow and which it is okay for him to ignore. Their mantra is, “You can work to try to change the law, but as long as it’s the law, we all have to follow it!”

The religious nature of the belief in “authority” is put on display for all to see whenever people solemnly stand, with their hands upon their hearts, and religiously proclaim their undying faith in, and loyalty to, a flag and a “government” (the “republic”). It rarely occurs to those who recite the Pledge of Allegiance, while feeling deep pride, that what they are actually doing is swearing allegiance to a system of subjugation and authoritarian control. In short, they are promising to do as they are told, and behave as loyal subjects to their masters.

Aside from the patently inaccurate phrase at the end about “liberty and justice for ail,” the entire Pledge is about subservience to the “government” which claims to represent the collective, as if that in itself is some great and noble goal, The Pledge, and the mentality and emotions it is intended to stir up, would apply equally well to any tyrannical regime in history.

It is a promise to be obedient and easily controlled, to subordinate oneself to “the republic,” rather than a promise to do the right thing, Many other patriotic rituals and songs, as well as the overtly religious reverence given to two pieces of parchment – the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution – also demonstrate that people do not merely view “government” as a practical necessity: they view it as a god, to be praised and worshiped, honored and  obeyed.

 The main factor distinguishing the belief in “government” from other religions today is that people actually believe in the god called “government,” The other gods people claim to believe in, and the churches they attend, are now, by comparison, little more than
empty rituals and half-heartedly parroted superstitions.

 When it comes to their everyday lives, the god that people actually pray to, to save them from misfortune, to smite their enemies, and to shower them with blessings, is “government.” It is “government” whose commandments the people most often respect and obey, whenever a conflict arises between “government” and the teachings of the lesser gods – such as “pay your fair share” (taxation) versus “Thou shalt not steal,” or “duty to country” (military service) versus “Thou shalt not murder”– the commands of “government” supersede all the teachings of the other religions.

 Politicians, the high priests of the church of “government”– the mouthpieces and representatives of “government,” who deliver the sacred “law” from on high – even openly declare that it is permissible for the people to practice whatever religion they wish, as long as they do not run afoul of the supreme religion by disobeying “the law”– meaning the dictates of the god called “government.” 


Perhaps most telling is that if you suggest to the average person that maybe God does not exist, he will likely respond with less emotion and hostility than if you bring up the idea of life without “government.” This indicates which religion people are more deeply emotionally attached to, and which religion they actually believe in more firmly. In fact, they believe so deeply in “government” that they do not even recognize it as being a belief at all.

The reason so many people respond to the idea of a stateless society (”anarchy”) with insults, apocalyptic predictions and emotional tantrums, rather than with calm reasoning, is because their belief in “government” is not the result of careful, rational consideration of evidence and logic. It is, in every way, a religious faith, believed only because of prolonged indoctrination. And there is almost nothing which stateworshipers find more existentially terrifying than contemplating the possibility that “government” – their savior and protector, teacher and master – does not actually exist, and never did.


The last book of the Jew Bible is The Revelation – a strange and depressing convoluted text written by none other than Jesus Christ.  You’d think this supposed Jesus God could have been a little more clear, or maybe the angels that delivered the message to the writer Saint John the Divine were drunk.

Revelation stands out as one of the most terrible prophecies of our future – angels pouring out vials of bad stuff and bazillions of humans being killed by terrible means.   It doesn’t sound like good news coming from a savior god to me.  Joseph Atwill and other scholars have determined the real author – the Roman patriarch.


Christians assure me we are in end times – even though scholars tell us that Revelations was crypted text written near the end of the first century A.D. around the year 96 CE. – after the sacking of Jerusalem, after Josephus penned the first Gospels, after the establishment of the imperial Flavian cult.  It isn’t written by God, it is written by a men describing the first century imperial rule – it is not prophecy at all, it is history written in code.

PBS has an excellent webpage on this, Understanding the Book of Revelation:

“The key to understanding the situation is in the vibrant symbolic language that is so typical of ancient apocalyptic writings. The author viewed the religious and political force of Roman rule as a threat. It is now thought that this arose in Ephesus after the year 89 CE when Domitian instituted a new imperial cult sanctuary dedicated to his family, the Flavian dynasty. It had included his father, Vespasian, who as Roman general led the war against the Jews from 66-69. When the Emperor Nero was killed, Vespasian was summoned from Judea to Rome to become the new Emperor. Vespasian then appointed his elder son, Titus, as the commander of the legions in Judea. It was Titus who led the siege and destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE. When Vespasian died in 79 CE, Titus became the next Emperor. Titus, however, died just two years later in 81, and this left the empire to Vespasian’s younger son, Domitian. Domitian was known as a strong-willed emperor who tolerated no disagreement with his policies. Nonetheless, there is no clear indication that he consciously tried to persecute Christians for their faith.

For this reason, most scholars now think that the issue revolved around the inauguration of the Flavian imperial cult in Ephesus. The imperial cult was a way of showing loyalty and honor to the Emperor, and was viewed as a public duty of all citizens in a city like Ephesus. Our clearest indication of how this is reflected in Revelation is seen in the description of the two “beasts” from Rev. 13. The first is called “the beast from the sea” who is given his power by Satan himself. He is described as having “seven heads and ten horns,” and people worshipped him (Rev. 13.1-4). Then there is a second, “the beast from the land” who makes every everyone worship the first beast and its “image” (Rev. 13.11-18). The “image” (13.14-15) and the mysterious number “666” (13.18) refer to statues and coins or inscriptions with the emperor’s image and titles. The “beast from the land” probably referred to either the provincial governor of Asia or to the high priest of the imperial cult, who jointly would have overseen the temple and its festivals in Ephesus at just this time.

Red Ice Radio – Joseph Atwill – Hour 1 – Caesar’s Messiah, The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus

caesar's messiah - tricking the christians to worship caesar as god

That the “beast from the sea” is the Emperor himself is made clear in a later passage in Rev. 17, where the symbolism of the seven heads is spelled out.

9 “This calls for a mind that has wisdom: the seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman is seated; also, they are seven kings, 10 of whom five have fallen, one is living, and the other has not yet come; and when he comes, he must remain only a little while. 11 As for the beast that was and is not, it is an eighth but it belongs to the seven, and it goes to destruction. 12 And the ten horns that you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but they are to receive authority as kings for one hour, together with the beast. 13 These are united in yielding their power and authority to the beast; 14 they will make war on the Lamb, and the Lamb will conquer them… (Rev. 17.9-14).”

Accordingly, the woman sits on the seven-headed beast as a symbol of her “seven hills” — the seven hills of Rome. The woman is the city of Roman, here depicted as the persecutor of Christians. Then it says that the seven heads are also seven kings. And we can read from its cryptic terminology the references to the Emperors of Rome. The “five fallen” refer to the five emperors who have died: Augustus (29 BCE – 14 CE), Tiberius (14-37 CE), Gaius (37-41), Claudius (41-54) and Nero (54-68). “One has a wound” refers to the emperor Nero, who died in 68, but whom contemporary legend had it would return from the dead to continue persecuting the Christians. Thus, the beast has a head that has recovered from a mortal wound. The head “who is” refers to Vespasian (69-79) and the one that is “not yet” refers to Titus(79-81). The head that “was but is not” refers to an eighth emperor, Domitian. From this we can also see that the work looks at this history as if it were being written while Vespasian was still alive, and thus “forecasting” what terrible things would occur under Domitian only a few years later. This technique is common in apocalyptic literature, and Revelation was probably written sometime during the early 90’s, when Domitian was emperor, or perhaps even after the death of Domitian in 96 CE. By portraying the Emperor and his provincial authorities as “beasts” and henchmen of the dragon, Satan, the author was calling on Christians to refuse to take part in the imperial cult, even at the risk of martyrdom.


Revelations is not what you think, it is not our prophecy – it is programming, holy text written by power mad Jews that manifests our future because of widespread belief.  Contrary to what the believers think, we humans manifest our thoughts and not the other way around.  If you read some ancient curse and then believe it with all your heart and soul – you will manifest that image in your mind.  It’s not “god” doing it to you, you are doing it to you because you have the creative power within you – what you think manifests.

The purpose of the Holy Bible is to establish external authority – you are taught God created the world and has dominion over all life – including your life.  This God is an angry and jealous God, and he will be very angry with you if you disobey HIS commandments.  You are taught to obey this God, this supreme authority, which God manifests his rule as the state.


If you are and atheist, skeptical, or have and high IQ, or maybe you are a truth seeker you might raise an eyebrow or two and see the truth of what is being asserted by Bible text in real life (outside of the myth memes) is the authority of the state and it is the state that judges via the courts if you disobey. A skeptic sees the holy book as a way the state gets voluntary compliance from the subjects.  The Bible for all intensive purposes is a slave manual.

You might even be bright enough to realize that no one knows what happens when we die – and that all religions that assert that they know are making an unsubstantiated claims to get power over the individual through fear of death.  You might see that the human fearful emotion concerning death is a tool the authority uses to get control.  God, to an intellectual, is a tool of the state to get voluntary compliance from the citizenry.

mao as the sun god

When religion matured it beget the state – state worship became normalized without the need of the holy text.  The state, now fully in power over religion, discarded the religious authority.  This is the prophecized beast – state power cut from any church morality. There really is no difference between church and state, they are both fictions created by the idea that some have a right to rule over others based on divine law.

In some nations, religion was outlawed, only state worship allowed.  The supreme leader is then cast as the god, Mao is often painted as the sun king, the sun-god.  Christian decry this blatant man worship as God.  But the New Testament is the exact same thing, the Imperial Roman cult wrote it specifically that way, but in code.  The Caesar Titus was written cryptically as Jesus so says Joseph Atwill, in ‘Caesar’s Messiah’ .  He details how Christians were tricked to worship the Caesar as God, Jesus’s three-year ministry is actually the Roman military campaign in Judea.

We are now at the end of history, we are in the Apocalypse, that time period where state power runs unchecked from any moral guidance.  Governments do whatever the hell they want to do, they have total power and even if they are found out no one can stop them.  Does the government really care if you learn the truth about 911?  What are you going to do about it?  Jews own the media, the courts, the legislature, the selected Prez, so what are you going to do about government corruption?


Chapter 25. Left Behind with Satan


Benjamin Netanyahu is the manifest antichrist.  He is the devil incarnate, the slaughterer of Palestine, he is the end times leader who speaks with great authority, the little horn of Daniel, the great deceiver.  Satan in the flesh has manifested, he is the destroyer of worlds and the man who is bringing the United States to it’s knees.  Satanyahu is a mass murderer of Biblical proportions who is loved by American Evangelical Christians!

The beloved antichrist, Satan in the flesh, is best friends with all of the televangelists and Congress!   Say it ain’t so!  The situation is bizarre, unbelievable, why would any Christian love the devil incarnate?  Because, dear reader, the Christian religion is Satanic, it is evil, and no one knows why.  Christianity is a death cult, a derivative religion of Judaism, a religion that is a memetic code based on concepts found in Jewish holy text.

Judaism is a war making religion which is based on judgment, it is a religion which teaches that the judging god destroys yet at the same time claims that this same god is the loving creator god.  But that is a severe metaphysical mistake, destroying is the opposite of creating and judging is the opposite of loving.  Christianity is a derivative Satanic cult because it is a religion that subscribes to those memes, it is a religion based on salvation doctrine as if the judging god is real.

Christians have agreed to the Jewish inversion of reality, Christians believe the loving god is also a judging god, Christians have agreed that their souls are in danger from the angry Jewish tribal war god and they deny their earthly lives for unproven afterlife rewards of salvation.  Christians are deluded Jewish converts, they have agreed to the Satanic doctrine of their parent religion.  Now we all stuck with their creation, all Christians have been left behind with Satan.

Christianity is also a death cult because it is focused on the afterlife and not this life.  Christians are taught to deny the body and only be concerned about the soul in the next life.  Christians believe their soul is threatened by the Jewish monster god, they believe the only way to heaven is through the Jewish savior god.  But that is a severe metaphysical mistake, for they have been caught in the Judeo-Satanic cult and now are being manipulated (with ease) into Armageddon.

Satanyahu is the savior of the world because the purpose of the antichrist is to destroy this world.  Yes Virginia, the world can only be saved if it is first destroyed because the world is totally damned by the creation of the state now turned beast.  Netanyahu is craftily manipulating the United States into war with Russia, with the upcoming selection of Hillary Clinton, nuclear war is virtual certainty.  By this time next year you may not be able to read this because you will be dead along with a large percentage of the world population in the northern hemisphere.

Just as the Christ is the savior, so is the antichrist, the two might oppose each other but they are also complements of one another.  The world needs Bibi to evolve, that is why he must play the role of the destroyer and free us from the clutches of the beast state.  Netanyahu has organized the west to destroy Islam and he has exposed the Evangelical Christians as apostate frauds who oppose Jesus.  He has one final purpose, to ignite World War 3 and cause the annihilation of the beast states.

Not only does the nitaychrist turn many into atheists he is going to get Israel completely razed to the ground.  Yes Virginia, Bibi Satanyahu is going to do what no patriot could possibly imagine doing, he is going to get his home state incinerated by many nuclear weapons.  That is good, very good, because what the world needs more than anything is Rothschild and his pet gangster state of Israhell gone forever from the world scene.  While attempting to save Israel, son of Ben Zion will destroy the spiritual whore Israel, now the gay capital of the world.

Ben Nitay (anagram for anti) is perfect for the evolution of consciousness, he is the perfect man on the dark side that turns the world around, he gets the world to come out of thousands of years of myth, myth that has bound human consciousness with memetic chains for millenia.  The government or state is a fiction created by the church which used the god meme to establish external authority in the minds of men.  The antichrist destroys the world order, shatters the existing paradigm, he ends state authority by being the destroyer of states.

There’s just one problem, no one has one bit of authority over another, all men a born free, all men have self authority and all men are autonomous actors, so the world needs to evolve out of statism and into freedom.  Something has to shove mankind out of the darkness of religious myth, and that force is the end times force of the antichrist, who is Bibi Satanyahu, savior of the world.

So what is the Book of Revelation programming code manifesting 2,000 years after the prophetic code was cast into the mass mind?  Apocalyptic destruction centered around Israhell. Who is the leader of this debacle if not Satan himself?  Bibi Netanyahu otherwise appropriately known as Satanyahu.  Yes Netanyahu is Satan, the antichrist in the flesh, who is loved by tens of millions of Americans unable to understand that this man is the author of the terror war.

Meet Satan.  Do you know who Satan is in the flesh?  Netanyahu – the false accuser, who claims Iran is trying to get the bomb while Israel has the bomb.  Christian leaders love this man-devil.  He is the one who is the author of terror, he is the false accuser, he is the one defaming Iran and trying to start WW3.  Yes Virginia, it was Benjamin Netanyahu who authored the terror war and the attack on the trade towers.

All the nations around Israel are now destroyed – we are about half way through the text manifest, the tribulation caused by millions of believing minds voting for psychopathic politicians (GW Bush, et. al) who are making it happen just like it says.  How crazy is that?  Evangelical Christianity is batshit insane and you are living in the very nations they control with their votes.

The Holy Bible is a program code of our destruction.  It needs to be banned and replace with authentic non-Jewish inspired spiritual text.  Apparently, humans are unable to cope with reality of existence without myth, so the myth should be written in pure love, not the Jewish hate masquerading as love.  Hopefully, after humankind emerges from the nuclear ashes, holy text is rewritten not including Jewish exclusionary memes.

No greater evil exists on the earth today than the alignment of Israel with the military superpower America.  The American military machine is the beast destroying nations.  Christians whoreship this alliance, they love Israel and completely ignore the suffering of the native Palestinians and those nations being trampled by the beast.  Fundamentalist Christians universally vote for the Neoconservative or Jewish controlled candidate.

Jesus dying on the cross is sickness, the mental illness of the Jew put into the mass Goyim mind.  No God judges you, no hell awaits you, no devils tempt you, no one needs to be saved from sin, there is nothing you can do to separate yourself from your god-ego-subconscious mind.  The Old Testament and New Testament are both terrible books.

And how obvious that a huge world-wide retribution against these evil people is spontaneously forming everywhere. Those who insist on controlling everything are meeting with the awakening consciousness of humanity. Once you fully comprehend that Jews did 911 to manipulate America into a war against Iraq then you will fully grasp the magnitude of Jewish evil.  Apologists say it’s Rothschild doing when clearly everything happening is clearly delineated in the Torah and Talmud, Judaism is a predatory religion.

There are no “chosen” ones, there are no “saved” people. The Judeo-Christian religion is exclusionary mumbo jumbo that appeals to prejudiced racist sub humans. Nobody can be born again because Jesus is not real. God didn’t choose one tribe over others. God isn’t out to get us, god isn’t commanding us to kill other tribes, god isn’t judgmental, god doesn’t stick us in hell fires for practicing free will, god isn’t battling Satan for control of the world, god doesn’t need our help to save souls, god isn’t in a synagogue or a church or a book.

Christianity is a mind spell, the Gospel is a God Spell.  It’s time for Americans to grow up, come out of the mythos and realize that their nation is run by godless Jews who are taking the Goyim for a ride.  Jews are piggybacked on Christianity, they are in power because Christians worship Jews.

“That is what the Jew is doing to you, the Jew is making you a spiritual whore, you are really fawning to get in on the Jew money action. If you worship Yahweh then maybe the Jew will let you into his money racket, give you a little for playing along, so long as you do it like a whore.

Christian prayers are not spiritual in nature they are for acceptance an servitude in a Jew system of slavery.  The Jew is only so happy to receive your guilty prayer, “Pray to me oh Goyim slave as I drink your blood and eat your sustenance with my never-ending greed.”

The Neanderthal Jew is fooling you with his book, the Jew Neanderthal trickster is getting you to worship him as your god. The Jewish supremacist wants it all, all the gold, all the wealth of the world, your loyalty and obedience in fighting wars, your tax paying servility, but what does the Jew more than anything else, the big Jew ego wants your undying praise and attention for his self conceived holiness.”

Clearly, Netanyahu is the man who is destroying Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.  He is unveiling to the whole world and human consciousness that Judaism is a crime scheme – not a spiritual practice, he is exposing Christianities loyalty to Jewry and physically destroying Islam and Muslim nations.   Satanyahu is shoving the world through a conscious bottleneck that is blocking our spiritual evolution.

I look forward to the future when there are no more Jews and Christians or churches or synagogues left on this planet. The antichrist destroys the old order and ushers in the new order. The antichrist in not Satan or possessed by demons, the antichrist is empowered by the group consciousness. The antichrist is a creation of humanities collective consciousness.

The end times is not the end at all, it is the end of the statist religion, the church and the state get destroyed at the end of history!  We should all celebrate the end of church and state and the incineration of Israel!  The most evil place on the earth is the so-called holy land, the state of Jewish only racist Israel, the loci center of worldwide Jewish supremacism, the home of the antichrist Satanyahu.

Chapter 26. Zionist Traitors Infest Amerika


Police state Amerika is filled to the brim with Zionist traitors.  Christian Zionism has spread like a deadly cancer and infects the body politic; even though Israel did 911, Christians still support Israel.  They are selling us out to the Jew in order to prove their Bible right.  They are trying to start World War 3 and force the return of their savior-king-god.  Police state Amerika is dying from within, America is stumbling around like a drunk sailor unable to comprehend what to do.


All those who promote world wide Jewry and the the Jewish World Order are the enemies of America.  These Jews and Jewish converts are the problem, they are intentionally causing harm to the planet and its inhabitants.  At the center of the problem the Zionist project of Rothschild, Israel, the most harmful nation ever created, a nation that currently controls Amerika, trains it’s police who are now openly attacking and killing American citizens.

How else could the little parasite state of Israel get away with mass murder on 911, if it wasn’t for the widespread and devout support for Israel.  Christian apologists would have you believe that the New World Order, Banksters, German Death Cultists or Satanists control America.  They divert your attention from the real culprit, the Jewish religions like Christianity.

Mormon Zionist Infestation Trojan Horse

Most American Christians still will not consider Israel a suspect in the 911 attacks, this is why Israel could pull 911 and get away with attacking us in broad daylight, it has a huge support group within Amerika, like the huge Mormon Church and Southern Baptists.  Every Seventh Day Adventist loves Israel, every Church of God attendee is required to be 100% committed to Israel.

Baptists gladly welcome the police state, they are in on it with the Jews, Baptist preachers are even being hand picked and trained to carry out Israel’s agenda.  Zionism is woven into the very fabric of Amerika, and as she goes down in flames Christians applaud her demise because they secretly hated freedom all along.  Evangelical Christians of every stripe are traitors to freedom and liberty and in league with the Jew devils.

ZIONIST_GAMBLE_911So why would the little treacherous state of Israel even think of getting away with 911 attack on it’s host nation?  Christianity, the millions and millions of devout Zionist supporters.  When you think about it, it becomes obvious that Israel could do 911 and blame Muslims and Christians in the fold of Jew lies would go along with it.  Israel’s gamble of 911 has paid off and Christians are responsible for the carnage after 911.

Not one major Christian organization in America, a nation that has 42,000 Christian denominations, has condemned Israel for 911 or committing genocide of the Palestinians.  Amerika is completely damned, the nation is under a deep Jewish spell unable to grasp reality or defend itself from Jewish predation.  As Amerika slides into the abyss, John Hagee encourages his megachurch attendees to praise Israel AND IS PERSONAL FRIEND OF BIBI NETANYAHU WHO ORDERED THE 911 ATTACK!

christians-united-for-israel traitors

The final solution to America’s problem is nuking Israel for doing 911.  Israel must be destroyed, the dream of a 1000 year reign of Jewish terrorist state must be broken, all Jews demoralized, the evil of Zion ended, the complete demoralization of the Rabbi’s dream of world domination, all those espousing Judaism and its variants treated as enemy combatants.

Americans are having a problem with reality, they are going to find it impossible to nuke Israel, they are caught in the Christian myth, like a fisherman’s net it covers their brain and they are unable to figure what is happening to them, they can not go against the Jew, they believe in a Jewish savior, they believe Israel to be holy.  As a result, America will continue its death spiral and augur in at the end of history.


Christian Evangelicals are batshit insane, these Christians have lost touch with reality, they are treasonous, they are under a Bible spell, they are supporting Israel with their entire mind, body and souls even though the Israeli leadership is planning on destroying America after they are done using her.
They believe like they do because of Christian Zionism:
Christian Zionism is a belief among some Christians that the return of the Jews to the Holy Land, and the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, is in accordance with Biblical prophecy.


If you want proof that Christianity is a mental illness, just check out the eyes of Michelle Bachmann, the outspoken supporter of Israel.  This crazy woman, who completely believes the official 911 story, who completely parrots all the bullshit of the Jew owned media is typical of Evangelical America.


Like all born again Christians, she believes in the chosen land of the Jew and to not support Israel is considered disloyalty to her her religion, in fact she believes that God will punish America if we don’t support Israel.  This is a textbook case of how blind faith trumps reason and logic and why Christianity is a dangerous ‘end times’ religion.

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann appeared on the End Times broadcast “Understanding the Times with Jan Markell” over the weekend, where she claimed that America is facing the wrath of God in the form of “natural disasters” because of President Obama’s Mideast policy. Later in the program, Bachmann said that Obama has thrown the world into the End Times.


If Israel is an existential threat to American freedom, Evangelical Christian support of Israel is not only insane, it is treason.  Because of this undying affinity for Israel, Christians in America have become a threat to America.  Evangelical Christians should be treated like terrorists – they are allied with Israel, the world’s number one terrorist nation.

But what do we see on the Jewtube?  Endless pro-Jewish, Evangelical programs, and that is a sign of our demise.  America does not see the Jewish threat within, America is a Hebrew converted nation that has lost it’s soul to Zionism, freedom and liberty will perish unless drastic action is taken.  All Zionist Jews and Christians must be treated as enemy combatants in order for the Republic to survive.


This insanity extends all the way up the food chain right into the minds and mouths of presidential candidates like Sarah Palin.  She says we are only safe when Israel is safe!  Her loyalty is Israel first, not America first.  The exact opposite is true, America is completely unsafe because it is not defending itself  Israeli aggression, America is not defending itself from the 911 false flag perpetrated by Israel, America is choosing to fight Israeli wars of aggression in the Middle East and go bankrupt in the process.


There is no other word for Sarah Palin’s undeviating loyalty to Israel.  She is traitor, her loyalty is treasonous, her support of Israel is insane and must be punished.  She has no right even being a player in American politics, let alone being a Presidential candidate.  But she is there, right on Fox news, in your face there and that tells you everything about Amerika.

Jews have zero tolerance for insolent nations that do not do their bidding, candidates like Bachmann and Palin are Zionist Trojan horses, being used to bring America down, antichrist Satanyahu needs loyal minions of Zion in order to carry out his final agenda, the total destruction of American freedom.  What the antichrist wants, he gets because Amerika is a Jew whore nation.


We are not slaves of Israel, the Jew is not our God.  If Christians worship a god that demands slavery then to hell with them!   Evil twins Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin are symptomatic of the downfall of America into Jew slavery.  Maybe they are not just Jew whores, perhaps they a mind controlled assets of the Mossad.  The media is completely Jewish owned, having the batshit insane Christian-Jewish harlots cast in front of us is a very bad sign.

There’s a huge storm brewing within Christianity, it has been found out to be bad myth.  No one needs to be saved because the premise of the angry father god is false, furthermore Christian loyalty to Israel is suicidal, we are at the end of history, American Christian Zionism is driving the Apocalypse, World War 3 looms because the United States is whored to Israel.


Regardless, the only way Bachmann and Palin could even be possible is the widespread end times delusions of the Evangelical Christians has reached into the heartland of America.  Amerika is an insane nation, Palin and Bachmann are proof, they are traitors of the first order.  They are symptomatic of an even larger problem, America is a Hebrew converted nation.

Police state Amerika is now cruising into the end times without a clue, up shit crick without a paddle.  Most Americans have no idea that Israel did 911, and even if they find out they won’t believe it nor will they care.  Americans are Christian converts, they believe in the Jewish chosen status, they believe in the Christ redemption myth, they are under the Jewish black magic spell and will never be able to grasp reality soon enough to stave off disaster.

Chapter 27. Love of Israel is Death for the Rest of the World



We all know that Israel did 911, supporting Israel is treason.  It is time to wake up realize that all who still support Israel are guilty of aiding and abetting the enemy.  Israel is the enemy, Israel did 911 and it is Israel that hates our freedoms.  Damn Israel.  It’s time to say outloud damn Israel to hell!  If you have one red blood cell left, if you are still a human being, a person with lifeforce than you need to damn the Jewish race and what they’ve done to America!


Do you understand what these Jews are trying to do to us?  Do you understand the significance of the 911 attack?  How about the attack on USS Liberty?  They are attacking our freedom, they are attacking our liberty, they are attacking our way of life.  They are attacking our lifeforce, they are attacking what we are, divine beings and trying to drag us down into the lowest rung of hell, the ultra low vibration of Jewish supremacism.


Jews and Christians allied to Israel represent an existential threat to America and all European nations, Jews are a deadly threat to the whole world and every living thing that breathes.  It is time to say it, supporting Israel is treason, supporting Israel in any way is aiding and abetting a terrorist state.  Israel is the world’s only terrorist nation, it is Israel doing the false flag terror, it is Israel trying to take American guns away from us.

To make matters worse, 70 million Evangelical Christians in America are in love with Israel.  This is insanity, this is suicide, this is treason.  The post 911 free ride is over, supporting Israel is now treason Christian!  If you stand with Israel, you hang with Israel.  If you defend Israeli terrorism you are in on it with them and you will be treated as a terrorist sympathizer.


Hiding behind your faith doesn’t cut it, supporting Israel is just plain evil.  All Christians who still support Israel must report to Camp FEMA for re-indoctrination.    The Jew is evil and wrote your so-called holy book, it is holy hell  Jew holy book is evil. Time to be un-spelled.  Time to take the Christians to the woodshed for an attitude adjustment.


America supplies arms, aircraft, bombs, money to Israel.  That is suicidal and insane.  Israel hates us, Israel wants us dead, the Jew doesn’t like us – he hates us, he hates our freedoms.  The Jew is doing everything he can to destroy us.  911 is proof of Jewish intentions.  The attack on the USS Liberty is proof of Jewish intentions, how much more proof do you need to understand Jewish treachery?


The aftermath of what happened to us after 911 closes the case, Israel is trying to destroy us by getting us in ruinatious wars.  This is no joke, America is now bankrupt.  Osama bin Laden didn’t do this to us, he could not have destroyed our finances or freedoms.  Israel did it – Netanyahu is the key player behind the attack on our liberty.  Netanyahu is the primary threat to America, it is time to drone this son-of-a-bitch and take him out.

The greatest evil on this planet is the state, the organization claiming sovereignty over a geographical area.  As Jews take control of all the nation states, the true nature of monopoly power is laid bare.  The state is a killer, a Jewish run state is a mega-killer, America is in a non stop War of Terror on Jewish enemies, patriotism is being misdirected toward hatred of Muslims, in this time America’s foreign policy is Jewish hate wrapped in a flag.

fuck Jew run america

Those playing along are doing great harm to the outside world and to the home nation.  The Jews are waging war not just on Muslims, but also on Americans and their traditional institutions.  The entire order is being overturned in the chaos, a hateful Jewish World Order is arising, and this trend must be stopped before the Jews can launch a Bolshevik style purge on the homeland.

Amerika has on the highway to hell ever since the creation of the nation, robber barrons soon controlled the politicians, then the banker coup of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, we lost control of our destiny.  With some small respites of freedom and liberty, American history is almost non-stop war and we have reached our destination – nonstop Jewish tyranny an endless War of Terror on everything, complete destruction of Western civilization.


America fell from within, her initial mistake was to let Jews in, all Jews work as agents of their state, and with the help of the Zionist Christians, Jewry took over.  Now America is police state Amerika, a nation infested with traitors, a nation infested with Jews and Zionist Christians.  Drastic action is now required to remove the parasite.

Jew agenda of world domination

Amerika, the monster police state, is on a killing spree, using 911 as justification to attack the whole world.  The wars are sold on the Jewtube – Jews control the elected representatives, Jews control the media, Jews control the Federal Reserve, Jews control the courts and the legal system, Jews control the Pentacon.  As a result of this absolute Jewish control, all news is a lie, mass murder like 911 is covered up, wars are started on lies.

Americans are considered terrorists, patriotic gun owners are attacked, police are now killings us routinely – cops trained in Israel and we all go to church and sing praises to the Jew god for allowing us to breath another day.  America is literally insane.  Jews must be rounded up and killed, the charge – treason, terror, murder, theft.  Those little demon helpers, the Zionist Christian preachers must be arrested for aiding and abetting Jewish terrorists!

There is no movement to reverse the current trajectory, the world is careening into the abyss.  Witness the destruction of the human race as the monster state runs its course.   What no one knows is that the real culprit is religion which sold authority via the god meme.  Everyone loves ‘god’, unfortunately they love the Jewish version of god.  This Jew god is an asshole, he is just like the Jew because the Jew god is the Jew.  The biggest mystery of god now unveiled, god was our grand delusion, sold to us like a bag of potato chips.


There is no separating the political reality in Amerika from the dominant myth, that is the reason we must examine our beliefs.  We bought hate because we resonated with hate.  We experienced hell for worshipping the Jewish version of god.  Why the hell do we worship hell?  Hate.  It is foolish to worship the Jew as god, it is foolish to think the Bible is true.  The Bible is now exposed as a Jewish propaganda document, unfortunately most of the sheep are still caught in the spell.  The Gospel is a God Spell!

Most people support and the defend the government, many get a check, the idea of not supporting or having a state is alien.  They are mistaken, the state is run by psychopathic criminals, and those at the top who are the worst are usually Jewish.  The state is being organized around the Jewish long term plan of total supremacy and extermination of dissenters.


Government.  Is it governing or is it acting in it’s own selfish Jewish interest?   What is the state of American statism?  Why are Jews masters of statecraft and tyranny?  Why the hell do we tolerate the Jew?  What the hell is wrong with us?  Look in the mirror!  What damn book does the typical America consider dear?  The Jewish written Bible.  America is dying because of this book, the situation is grave, and we must deal with the reality of belief interwoven into politics.

end of monotheism

Freedom is seriously threatened at this juncture, will the light of liberty be extinguished in this century.  It looks so.  There is no reason not to expect a huge Jewish crackdown on America no different than the Bolshevik Revolution a century ago, Jews like to repeat their crimes, lacking creativity.

Americans are dying in Jew wars, Americans are being executed by cops trained in Israel, Americans are being poisoned from the Israel false flag Fukushima, and looking at what they are preparing for us, how many Americans are going to die in the Bolshevik style crackdown in Gulag Amerika?

flag coffings boy looking for daddy

A 100 million might be a conservative estimate looking at what the Jew did to Russia last century.  America must pay for its crimes, and the Jew is only so happy to oblige.  First the Jew corrupts you then executes you for what you did for him.  Ain’t Jews swell?  Aren’t you happy you live in the Jew hell called Amerika?  You are living in the belly of the beast, you are being digested by Jewry.

The solution is easy, get rid of Jews.  I prefer to gun them down.  Just get rid of them by any means at disposal, a pipe, a rock, a rope.  Hang ’em high say I.  The preachers need to be rounded up and put into re-education camps.  Give them a chance to change their minds or keep them locked up.  We need to start treating the Bible memetic virus just like a biological plagues because the results are the same!


Don’t forget turn off the Jew media and get your information from the internet.  The government needs your consent, don’t give it to them, they are criminals serving hell.  They manufacture consent with their ownership of the media.  Turn them off and think about what you can do to rid the nation of the Jewish infestation.

tell_lie_vision jewtube

The solution to the problem is theoretically simple.  End Jewish rule, ban Jews from state, bomb Israel back to the stone age.  What’s fair is fair, Jews did 911, Jews bankrupted America and killed her sons.  It’s time for payback, it’s time to end this evil thing called Israel.  Someday, reason and freedom will assert itself over the insanity of Jewish despotism.  Following instructions of Jews is the recipe for disaster, how do you like Amerika, America?

B-52's launched to bomb Israel

America should bomb Israel for 911, for the Federal Reserve, for Sandy Hook, for Fukushima.  Bomb Israel is the solution to the AIPAC problem, bomb Israel and say hallelujah.  Send the mother fucking Jews back to hell because we don’t want them here!

So what are we going to do people?  We are going to take Israel out!   We are going to nuke that shitty little sandbox back to hell.   We should have done it immediately after 911, but we are ruled by pussies and cowards, and whores of Israel.  It is time for the USAF to put bombers over Tel Aviv and turn the Jew capitol city into rubble.